Top ten business trends to succeed in 2017

Every year, I am honored to observe the development of business as a keynote speaker and business consultant. For the fourth consecutive year, we shared key business trends leading the leading company to success. Some trends are in the early stages, other trends are mainstream. These models are independent of the size of the company. Please use the link at the end of the article to see my past forecast. Here I have my forecast for the top ten business trends that will lead to the success of 2017.
1. Field experts will be the new rain maker
Experts who understand and support the sales process will promote the growth of the most successful B2B companies.
Let’s consider three different buyers, entrepreneurs, salesmen, specialists (SME). Contractors simply accept orders and offer prices and schedule contracts. This feature can be easily done by Amazon (often better results).
Who are you out of the other two? Is there anyone you would like to meet as a customer? Thanks to your deep expertise, do you want a person who has a mission to sell something or an expert you want to pay?
When I present these options to managers, I disagree with the idea that I often meet the seller, but I would like to meet small businesses and get information.
You can hire new sales representatives directly from the university, but SMEs can be difficult to scale up. However, in most organizations small and medium-sized enterprises that currently do not play a role in revenue growth are stable. The best organization provides integrated business training to create sales culture within an organization and to give small businesses the key to growth.
The company throws the body based on the sales goal and admits that most people will fail. In the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, companies focus on the right administrator qualifications and focus on good opportunities to effectively use rare and effective resources. SMEs do not waste time looking for bad opportunities.
2. Crowdfunding validates the new product
If you think of cloud funding, you can imagine a movie or decorated leather wallet. To many surprises, the global cloud fund aims to surpass venture capital by the end of the year.
Experts at Cloud Herbert (Crowdfunding and Marketing) said, “Smart companies are using cloud funding not only for capital procurement but also for verifying products before investing heavily in product development.
American tactics manufacturer Smith & Bradley, Ltd. We have launched seven Kickstarter campaigns to validate the new design of that watch line. Five campaigns are being tested in the market. The other two did not cut.
“When I wanted to produce the first watch, I used crowd funds to gather the necessary funds to access the market,” co-founder Ryan Bradley said. “What we did not know was finding ways to verify the market of the product before entering production and now the new product idea includes the speed and success of the cloud funding activities, We are shifting resources to fulfill. ”
Bradley always spends time as a lawyer. Therefore, he focuses on an appropriate model for my business to work optimally.

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