Barbara Kokoran on her business to the next level

I welcomed the three winners of the OnDeck Seal of Approval contest. The owner of these small businesses got OnDeck $ 10,000, I received a coaching session only once with me. This is what Barbara Corcoran shared with you and you can also proceed to the next level as part of your business.

Since I value the success of entrepreneurs and SMEs, I have tied up with OnDeck, a leading provider of SME online loans.

Competition helps SMEs overcome one of the biggest barriers of access to capital. Capital is a long time and OnDeck provides quick funding to qualified business owners.

All the winners of the OnDeck Seal of Approval contest skillfully demonstrated his business idea and the power needed to raise his business to the next level.

The first time I met was Brewmore Organic founder Andrew Buerger, Andrew Buerger made a company’s organic smoothie with a protein filled yogurt Skyr in Iceland. I talked to Andrew and his wife Jennifer to distinguish products and companies from competition and to know whether products and business are not functioning.

# 1. Identify companies and products as key differentiating factors, and stand out from competition

For B’more Organic, I am using Iceland yogurt. This difference had to be so high that packaging was prominent and its unique difference was lost in too much explanatory word confusion. You must emphasize the big differences in your product.

# 2. When the small business owner needs to hire a product or close a business

If you try everything to make your business run, and for some reason it still does not work, it is always allowed to abandon. I gave up the flowers of the first business, weekend club. I did not regret the starting point. If you are a great entrepreneur, all companies that start up will not succeed. Before we lose much time and energy, we need more courage to possess and abandon. When you stop you mean you are ready to fight after the fall, it will enable you to tackle the next big hit.

The second winner I met was Rachelle and Paul Baron, the founder of Beeh & Belle Littles. Instead of diapers, we developed a product instead of a swimwear and made it a popular product on Amazon. Mr. Rachelle and Paul talked about how to improve online marketing to promote sales and find ways to make customers busy after purchasing.

# 3. How to improve online marketing to promote business

Social media is the best tool for new business, especially using unique and beautifully designed products like Beau & Belle. Social media is free and instantaneous access to millions of potential customers. Rachel and Paul need to connect with influencers and actors in that environment to create their brands. It is also good to share a free product for these influencers and pay the placement if you have enough followers.

# 4 way to tie customers after purchase

Linking customers after initial purchase requires a tool to collect all the emails from customers and site visitors. Your mailing list can be the cornerstone of your business, seasonal product promotion and launch – “first” e-mail subscribers – sell existing customer base, for new products and services You can resell it to. It offers.

The last winner I met was baseball cider, founder of Jeffrey Dean, love for baseball and genuine apple cider spread to three kinds of products found in bars and baseball stadiums Pennsylvania region.

Jeffrey told me how to avoid stagnation and win over the competition.

#Five. How to avoid stagnation of your business

In order to avoid stagnation of your business, you must always find new opportunities to sell your products. Driving your business is always in relationship with new people. Jeffrey had to open up a new sales channel and find innovative ways to overcome obstacles that hinder his activities. This is the key to all entrepreneurs. He is considering renegotiating a contract with the current contract and purchasing support documents only for major games. He also planned to fly to meet a whiskey company of the same name and to form a partnership. Only the constant search of new business is the only way to succeed. Business personnel have to find two more for each of the relationships that goes wrong.

# 6 way earlier than competition

You need to find special things to set you apart from your niche and other brands. In the case of Jeffrey, other big players were concentrating on cider. Therefore, it was important to advertise cider as “crafts”. Because all entrepreneurs need their own stories about their business, his brand can profit from the story. Jeff is a farmer in Pennsylvania. Therefore, he needs to use local farmers in his hometown for his business.

It was a lot of fun being talking about three award winning seals. It is strange how they change their business with $ 10,000 Ondeck and best business advice.

It is a good time for entrepreneurs to set targets over the next few months. It makes sense to strategically and realistically plan business growth in 2017 and decide what you need. In order to satisfy your goals, it often happens that some extra resources are included.

Additional resources and educational content for participating in the contest in 2017 can be found at the Resource Center.

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